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As Charlotte’s most experienced senior move managers, we provide specialized relocation services when an adult 55+ finds it necessary to make a change. From downsizing, floor planning, move management, packing, and unpacking, to decluttering to better “age in place,” we are the premier and locally owned company with the A+ accreditation from the National Association of Specialty and Senior Move Managers.

We can even help you get your previous home cleaned out and ready to put on the market!

See how we have helped others. Can you relate?

You may choose as few or as many services as you need from our offerings below.

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Downsizing Help

Perhaps a move is in order. The house feels empty and too big now that the kids have left and started families of their own. It’s a lot of maintenance and is costly to insure. You’d like to move to a spot that has less square footage and is easier to keep up. Let us help you go through your belongings in a way that allows you to let go of items without letting go of the memories.

We provide:

  • Experienced guidance for selecting which items to keep, sell, disburse, or donate
  • Downsizing sessions catered to our clients’ schedules
  • Sorting, boxing, and tagging of collections and items for dispersal
  • Shipping of sentimental items to loved ones
  • Recommendations for auction, estate sales, consignment, and other means of profitable dispersal
  • Handling of donations and documentation for tax deductions
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Custom Floor Plans

Think of the custom floor plan as your road map for a successful move. Measuring your furniture and new rooms makes it clear what can fit nicely and what won’t. Plus, it can save you time and money if the floor plan is shared with your moving crew. They will work more efficiently if they know ahead of time the correct room and proper placement of the furniture.

Our expertise in interior decorating shines through during this process. We pride ourselves in finding creative ways to make the new environment reflect you, your history, and your aesthetic. We love the “big reveal.” When our clients walk in for the first time and see their furniture and accessories unpacked and in place, the smiles and tears of relief and joy are priceless!

Let us help your new home feel and look like home again.

You receive:

  • A scaled floor plan outlining the placement of your furniture
  • Tagging and labeling of furniture and accessories prior to move day
  • An inventory of items to move
  • A digital floor plan that can be shared with family
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Move Management

Regardless if you are relocating to or from another state or from a house just down the street, we know moving can be very stressful and overwhelming.

As your personal move manager, we will handle all the logistics and details needed to make sure your move is completed on time, within budget, and with great care. If you are moving to a 55+ community, a retirement community, assisted living, or memory care, we know the move-in requirements.

Our longevity working in the Charlotte metro area has allowed us to work closely with businesses and professionals that we know will take good care of our clients. Our referral list includes moving companies, senior move managers outside of our service area, realtors, auctioneers, estate salespeople, handymen, audio and visual installers, IT folks, local charities, care managers, and elder law attorneys, to name a few.

Call us when you want help:

  • Securing a moving estimate for your relocation
  • Overseeing the movers on move-out day, move-in day, or both
  • Overseeing of movers unloading belongings into short-term storage
  • Creating a custom furniture floor plan
  • Developing a transition timeline for your move (from our first meeting to your first night sleeping in your new home)
  • Coordinating the move with the move-in coordinator or marketing professional of your new community
  • Personal shopping
  • Packing and labeling boxes for moving or shipping
  • Unpacking and putting away your belongings in an organized and decorative fashion
  • Removing packing materials
  • Making referrals to professionals who can sell collectibles and personal belongings before or after your move
  • Making referrals to realtors to get your house quickly on the market
  • Managing communication between all individuals involved: Client, family, and third-party providers
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Packing and Unpacking

Having carefully pruned down to only those things that will be moving with you, now begins the careful hands-on work of packing and unpacking.

We help by

  • preparing the home and belongings for efficient and safe packing
  • using quality packing materials designed for household items
  • specifying custom packing containers for uniquely sized items when needed
  • clearly labeling boxes with contents and which room they will go to
  • carefully packing your treasured belongings
  • packing selected refrigerator items

After the movers have finished up, we

  • unpack and put away your belongings in an organized fashion, including in wardrobes, kitchens, and pantries
  • arrange bookshelves
  • set up the office
  • remove all packing materials
  • hang photos, pictures, and mementos
  • make beds, set clocks
  • do personal shopping
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Liquidation Planning

It’s amazing how important our possessions become! Items accumulated or given to us remind us of events and relationships that became so familiar and cherished over time.

At Transition With Care, we understand that life-changing events can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. This makes letting go of a lifetime of memories even more challenging.

Our compassionate team is experienced at helping clients retain belongings that are needed and those that have the most meaning, while rehoming the items that are not a good fit.

We also understand that time is of the essence. As a result, we strive to make the dispersal process as efficient and lucrative as possible for our clients.

Turn to us to assist with:

  • Discovery and documentation of all items in the home
  • Recommendations for optimal methods of dispersal and best local providers
  • Ongoing communication with client, family, and third-party providers
  • Organizing, tagging, and preparing items for transfer
    • Family or friends
    • Temporary storage
    • Estate sale
    • Auction
    • Consignment
    • Charitable donation
    • Trash hauling

If your loved one has passed away and you need help liquidating the estate and clearing out the contents to prepare the home for sale, give us a call at 704-945-7108. If you are part of the “sandwich generation” (working and raising children) or live far away, we can coordinate the process so you don’t have to take time off or make a costly trip to Charlotte. If time is an issue, no problem. We can expedite our services for you.

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Home Cleanout

If the house you moved from is going on the market, we can clear out the rooms and have the home ready for listing and new homeowners in short order.

Call us for help:

  • Assessing contents for sale
  • Cleaning out all areas: Attics, basements, garages, storage sheds (on the premises or offsite)
  • Managing the removal and safe disposal of household hazardous materials
  • Scheduling and overseeing donations and trash removal
  • Securing documentation for tax deduction of donations
  • Scheduling our move-out cleaning service (sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, cleanout of refrigerator/freezer, taking out garbage, cleaning bathrooms and kitchen, sweeping out the garage)
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Decluttering to "Age in Place"

Know you need to get rid of “stuff” but having trouble getting started?

  • Do you need help getting organized?
  • Perhaps you are empty nesters and would like a fresh new look in your home to acknowledge this new chapter.
  • Do your parents want to age in place, but their household clutter poses dangerous trip-and-fall hazards?

Fear not … help is on the way!

Our compassionate and efficient team can help you

  • organize closets, offices, and pantries for efficiency and appeal
  • repurpose rooms and rearrange your furniture to match your current circumstances
  • identify with you the items that you’ll need and those that “bring you joy”
  • strategize to sell items of value or donate to your charity of choice
  • rearrange areas in the home for safety, mobility, and decorative appeal
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